Many patients wait months or even years for access to essential services such as diagnostic imaging and elective surgery in the public health system, with little or no choice but to continue waiting.

Champlain Surgical Solutions offers an alternative – rapid access to affordable diagnostic imaging (MRI and CT Scan) as well as to private day surgery are now available.

Champlain Surgical Solutions will get you an appointment for diagnostic imaging or consultation with a surgeon within 2-3 weeks and at an affordable cost.  If surgery is needed, we will ensure that you are booked in the OR within 1-2 months or less.  All equipment, instruments and safety procedures are those found in the hospital setting.  All procedures are performed by certified surgeons supported by trained staff and technicians.

Our services are available to RAMQ (Quebec) patients, who are able to recover a significant portion of their surgery costs from RAMQ so the out of pocket expense is very reasonable.

For those without provincial health insurance such as diplomatic personnel and other privately insured patients, foreign nationals health plans or in-country insurance for non-residents will usually provide coverage for 100% of our fees.  Finally, an employer can pay for expedited surgery with Champlain Surgical Solutions, either directly or as an exception under the company’s extended health plan, in order to get an employee back to full productivity much faster.

Patients with OHIP coverage are not able to access our services except when those services are paid by a Third Party (Insurance Company or Law Firm as part of a claim).


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